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Weaving Design Stories: Johanna Boccardo Interview

Johanna Boccardo is a Venezuelan artist based in Miami. She is known for her chromatic mastery and her temporary installations around the world. Her work explores contemporary issues such as the fading value of privacy and intimate spaces in a post-connected era.

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Weaving Design Stories: 31/20 Interview

31/20 (Pablo Lujambio and Cristina Pou) is a Bilbao-based studio, whose trajectory has seen them undertake architecture and design at different scales, from industrial projects to product design.

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Weaving Design Stories at Zona Maco 2019

Contemporary perspectives from the Silk Road
by Casa Gutiérrez Nájera and Odabashian
February 6 – 10, 2019

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Simón Vega: Tropical Mercury Capsule Rug

Liliana Bloch Gallery presents:
Tropical Mercury Capsule Rug
A collaboration between Odabashian & Simón Vega

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