New York-based artist Dahlia Elsayed’s piece “The Center for No Center,” was created in partnership with Andrew Demirjian. This collaboration aimed to craft immersive sensory experiences that transcend conventional methods of information sharing. Odabashian’s signature art-rug making methods brought Dahlia’s artistic vision to life, intertwining different senses —sight, touch, and sound— resulting in a piece that captivates its audience, becoming a portal that invites them to enter the artist’s work.

“The Center for No Center” rug is the centerpiece of the installation, featured in the exhibition “What Models Make Worlds: Critical Imaginaries of AI” at The Ford Foundation Gallery in New York City.

“The rug’s design inspired the entire installation, featuring sculptural bookshelves and mirrors that reflected its beauty. It was a thrilling moment.” – Dahlia Elsayed.

The seamless integration of artistic expression and functional design allows the piece to effortlessly blend contemporary art with ancient techniques, translating Dahlia’s design into a tangible object.

This tapestry signifies one of our collaborations in 2023 with the artist, suggesting the potential development of a future collection of rugs.

“Collaborating with Odabashian has been incredible. Their team not only understood my vision but also guided the process. I look forward to continued growth in this medium, exploring new fibers, and techniques. It’s a partnership I’m eager to continue.” – Dahlia Elsayed.

The Center for No Center


Dahlia Elsayed


150x210cm (79x87in)




Hight density hand tufted with artisanal hand carving


Edition of 1