Yvonne Domenge - Jabin - Sculpture master's exploration of 3D in 2D

"Jabin" by Yvonne Domenge 

In the book "Flatland" by Edwin Abbott, characters inhabit a two-dimensional world try to make sense and find meaning in a three-dimensional universe. This is the approach that Domenge took when collaborating with Odabashian in this extraordinary hand-knotted rug. 

"Making a rug with Odabashian has been a wonderful experience....The design emerged from contemplating a sculpture named "Jabin". My perspective changed resulting of a "flattening" of the image. By reducing the thrid dimension, I was able to greet with tactile gestures one side of my sculpture." 

- Yvonne Domenge

The rug was made in editions of 6 and exhibited at Zona Maco 2016 and is now part of the Artist's private collection.