Joe Doucet - Align - Design winner for the 2014 New York Design Awards

About the Project

Joe Doucet’s design for ALIGN was inspired by the interaction between traditional techniques and contemporary technology. ALIGN plays with the fact that all knotted rugs of this quality are made around grids of 2mm x 2mm. Rather than work against this grid, Doucet yields to it and uses it as the basis for its vibrant, pulsating pattern.   

“Joe Doucet is highly regarded as a leading voice in today’s design world. We share similar artistic sensibilities, and we’ve wanted to work together since we met at WantedDesign in 2011,” stated Jaime Odabachian, Co-Owner and President of Odabashian. “Throughout our 91 years in business, Odabashian has partnered with designers and architects that share our passion for design, and Joe’s work on ALIGN is an innovative and exciting addition.” 

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