We’re proud to share about the exhibition SK3000, a Locust Projects presentation in Miami, Florida by the New York City-based artist duo, Dahlia Elsayed & Andrew Demirjian.

SK3000 is a multi-sensory ritual site designed to quench intellectual and physical thirst, where both artists reinterpret the Islamic architectural form of a sabil kuttab, traditionally holding a community fountain at ground level with a school built on top, in the context of privatization of water sources, democratic access to clean water, and as a learning space that resists education for productivity, profit, or politics.

The installation was created for Locust Projects’ Project Room, where you can discover how both artists use elaborate decoration, including rugs made in collaboration with us, and other elements that create a transportive installation. It is conceived of as an ancestral gift structure for an indeterminate future, as a meeting space to collectively imagine new ways of being.



Dahlia Elsayed & Andrew Demirjian blend modern and historical research across various disciplines to craft tangible pieces and immersive sensory encounters, drawing inspiration from bygone eras to envision innovative paths ahead. Their renowned installations seamlessly intertwine vibrant mixed media, reflecting their rich cultural backgrounds rooted in Southwest Asia and North Africa. They have showcased their creations extensively across the United States and abroad, with notable exhibitions at venues such as The Ford Foundation, Transformer Gallery, and The Arab American National Museum.

PHOTO: Andrew Demirjian and Dahlia Elsayed, Photo by Sara Stadtmiller.


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