Presenting Odabashian’s latest rug collection, designed and produced exclusively for The Moore in Miami’s Design District. Drawing inspiration from the district’s dynamic blend of natural and man made beauty. The project consists of over ten designs filled with elements found in the area. These are part of our latest collaboration with Miami-based Venezuelan artist Johanna Boccardo.

Johanna’s connection to The Moore is deeply personal. She reminisces about the building as one of the few remaining fragments from her early years in Miami, a city that often seems to lack roots. For her, The Moore stands as a testament to the importance of legacy and history, especially within the epicenter of high-end consumerism that the Design District represents.

The creative process for these rugs involved a symbolic and abstract representation of the Design District’s modern beauty. Boccardo sought to encapsulate the essence of the area, infusing a bit of humor through South Florida clichés, and creating soft surface snapshots of the district. Visitors to The Moore will recognize references to various art installations, including the Nuage pergola by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and the Netscape hanging chairs by Konstantin Grcic. She also incorporated optical effects, shadows, and textures that change throughout the day, alongside playful narratives featuring alligators and other swampy creatures.

Crafted from the highest quality New Zealand wool with viscose details, some designs also feature natural undyed wool. A standout technique used in select pieces is carving, which creates a 3D effect that enhances the composition and brings the designs to life.

“I believe rugs play a crucial role in hospitality, adding beauty, vision, and a soft, inviting surface to unwind on.” — Johanna Boccardo.

Through this collection, Odabashian honors The Moore’s historical significance, seamlessly blending art, design, and functionality, enhancing the hospitality experience while celebrating the legacy of an iconic Miami landmark.

We sat down to chat with Miami-based, Venezuelan artist Johanna Boccardo, to chat about her inspiration for renovating the iconic Moore building, her creative process in designing rugs that celebrate Miami’s Design District, the innovative techniques and high-quality materials she used.