Located on the Mexican Pacific coast, Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo is one of our latest hospitality projects. Designed by architects Victor Legorreta and Mauricio Rocha, who collaborated as LegoRocha for this project, with lead interior designers Uribe Krayer and Estudio Esterlina, Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo represents a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation that echoes Mexico’s vibrant heritage. The resort’s owners, Paralelo 19, envisioned creating a modern Mexican paradise that pays homage to its cultural roots.
“Witnessing the emergence of high-end luxury hotels in the Mexican Pacific is not only invigorating but also thrilling. The Odabashian family takes great pride in being a contributing force in this trend and collaborating with such renowned talent.” – Jaime Odabashian, brand custodian.
This resort places a strong emphasis on preserving pre-Hispanic culture and supporting Mexican artisans. Partnerships with Ensamble Artesano and Taller Maya contribute to the protection of indigenous traditions and crafts, ensuring that guests are immersed in authentic Mexican artistry, from architecture to interior design.
All rooms and suites are complemented with Odabashian rugs, woven using the persian knot technique and designed by Johanna Boccardo.