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Dr. Michael Frachetti: Contemporary Perspectives from the Silk Road

To coincide with the opening of the exhibition Michael Frachetti, Associate Professor of Archaeology, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania gave an in-depth presentation at the Museo Regional de Querétaro detailing the origins and evolution of the “Silk Road” and how it came to encompass Latin America.

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Weaving Design Stories: Jacobo Zanella Interview

Jacobo Zanella is a creative director, photographer, editor of books and cultural magazines in Querétaro and Mexico City. He has developed several projects and exhibitions in Mexico.

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Weaving Design Stories: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta Interview

Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta is a Mexican architect and industrial designer, whose contemporary vocabulary brings together the aspirations of the modern world, with the cultural complexity of the Mexican tradition.

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Weaving Design Stories: Johanna Boccardo Interview

Johanna Boccardo is a Venezuelan artist based in Miami. She is known for her chromatic mastery and her temporary installations around the world. Her work explores contemporary issues such as the fading value of privacy and intimate spaces in a post-connected era.

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