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Mound #1 The Legend Odabashian X Trenton Doyle Hancock

Over the last 3 years Odabashian worked with with Trenton Doyle Hancock on a sculpture that pushes rug making into new territory – creating a 13 x 28 foot hand-knotted sweater for ‘Mound #1 The Legend’.

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Weaving Design Stories: Todomuta Interview

Todomuta is a design studio based in Seville, Spain that was born from the shared desire of Laura Molina and Sergio Herrera to investigate and explore the frontiers between art, design and avant-garde craftsmanship.

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Weaving Design Stories: Carlos Torre Hütt Interview

Carlos Torre Hütt is a Mexican architect, designer and museographer. He is the creative director of Espacios and Casa Gutiérrez Nájera. In addition to contributing a rug design to Weaving Design Stories Carlos and his team at Casa Gutiérrez Nájera designed the exhibition at the Museo Regional de Querétaro and the The Weaving Design Stories booth at ZONA MACO 2019.

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Dr. Michael Frachetti: Contemporary Perspectives from the Silk Road

To coincide with the opening of the exhibition Michael Frachetti, Associate Professor of Archaeology, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania gave an in-depth presentation at the Museo Regional de Querétaro detailing the origins and evolution of the “Silk Road” and how it came to encompass Latin America.

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